Vincent is a very caring, funny, intelligent little boy. He lives in Dublin with his parents, Vivien and Alan, his two sisters and his dog, Bella. He has a huge passion for dinosaurs and loves going fishing with his dad. His dream in life is to become an archaeologist. We really want this dream to become a reality for Vincent.


On January 19th 2017 Vincents parents world fell apart when he was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD).


Unfortunately there is no cure for DMD and at present, there are no treatments available in Europe for Vincent's specific type of DMD.


In late 2017, after extensive research, Vincent's parents received the great news that a drug (Exondys 51 - Eteplirsen), which has now approved by the FDA, will benefit Vincent. It is available to ship from the US to Ireland and Temple Street Children's Hospital has agreed to administer it.


The family are absolutely over the moon with this news and are on a mission to get this treatment for Vincent as soon as possible! The drug will potentially lessen the severe muscle weakness. Time is of the essence for Vincent! It is vital he receives the drug while he is still walking, to achieve maximum effect.


However, the cost of the medication is currently €441,000 plus shipping costs. The medication can only be shipped every 13 weeks. There is no financial assistance for this and the family has to raise all the costs.


All monies donated will go towards getting Vincent the medication as soon as possible.


Nevertheless, Vincent will need treatment for the rest of his life, so this is just the start of a long journey.


Please help Vivien and Alan give their only son the best chance at life, by helping him get the treatment he needs and deserves.


Please watch young Vincent's story by clicking the image below.


Vincent Lyons - His fight against Muscular Dystrophy Duchenne

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